Mateusz Zbylut

I'm Web programmer. I'm Android programmer.
I'm blogger. I'm novice speaker.
I love my work and I'm still developing my skills.
I live in Tarnów, Poland.

I started programming when I was 11 years old. I liked making websites and desktop apps. When I was 16, I interested in mobile application development mainly Android. When I was 17, I started writing blogs first polish then English one. I took part in Get Noticed competition. On vacation 2017 I started working as full stack web developer. Now I couple work as the programmer with the school. I taking new challenges to develop myself on it and learning more new stuff.

What I do?


CMS systems


Website with Wordpress

Website in PHP Symfony

Android application



My tasks that I had to do: website design modification according to settle project, create content management system (CMS). On pages that showing information about projects I prepared algorithm that display other projects from the available pool. I also prepared mobile version to the website. To content management, I apply Bolt CMS base on PHP Symfony.

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My task that I had to do was build a website from scratch according to the project, I also proposed some changes in page design that was implemented in the final version of the website. To website, I also added content management system based on framework PHP Symfony. I configured shop PrestaShop that is on a subdomain and now, it is prepared to sell products.

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Contact with me!

Mateusz Zbylut - programmer, contractor, blogger
You can contact with me on a few way:
By Twitter: @chinet_zbylut
or by contact form.